Types of Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey

Perhaps the most common of all surveys, but maybe the most important. A pre-purchase survey is the most comprehensive of all reports. I will address and inspect all systems and areas of a vessel that are accessible to me. I will comment on structural, mechanical, safety, appearance, amenities and market value. You will want this survey to include an out-of-water inspection and often times, I will ride along with you on a sea trial. The PDF document I produce will allow you to make informed decisions about whether to purchase, selling price, financing and insurance. 

Condition & Value Survey

Usually, this type of survey is performed to satisfy an insurance company’s request for a survey prior to renewing your hull policy. This survey focuses on safety, structural, some mechanical and overall seaworthiness. It is not as comprehensive as a pre-purchase survey. It may or may not require an out-of-water inspection, depending on your insurance company’s wishes. 

Pre-Sale Survey

Gaining popularity, often times an owner will request this survey in order to better prepare the vessel for sale. It can range from an hour or two of consulting to a comprehensive inspection similar to a pre-purchase survey.

Abandoned Boat Survey 

If you have an abandoned boat on your property, the State of Ohio recently made it easier for you to get title to the boat. One of the conditions is that the boat be surveyed to determine that it’s worth less than $10,000. I can provide you with an affordable inspection and document to fulfil that condition.